In Kaushik Agritech’s Technical Department there are very experienced, professional and skilled employees who use the most modern calculation and planning instruments to produce the customers "customized" solutions.

Every plant proposed is studied in cooperation with the customer to reach the best compromise among performance, functionality and overall investment.

The plants are achieved using a "turnkey" approach, proving Kaushik Agritech’scapability in agro-industrial.

Attentiveness to the latest norms in the field of plant design and planning, Kaushik Agritech’s Technical Department is structured to make qualified Project Managers available to follow all of the phases through ordering, and assembling and post-sale operations.

A skilled and careful Research & Development Department works daily to produce more and more efficient and effective machines for the type of work they are intended for.


Production and Logistics

Kaushik Agritech’s headquarters occupy a wide covered and uncovered area which hosts the production, quality control of the semi finished and quality assurance of finial products, the packaging and logistics department.

The mechanical manufacturing is achieved either internally or externally by the company or external companies or not that use the latest technology (laser cutting, shearing, bending and sheet punching), completely assisted by numeric control machines.

The high quality materials used, are systematically submitted to process controls, both while entering and exiting the warehouse.

Machines, structures and connection elements are subject to accurate anticorrosion treatments such as hot galvanization and epoxy powders painting, to guarantee to every Kaushik Agritech plant its longest duration. The choice of materials and working processes is oriented around respect for the environment.

Every component of the plant is prepared for shipment according to its characteristics and to the shipping method used. The storage in the means of transport is treated very carefully to avoid damage during the transportation.

Production and Logistics

Assembly and supervision

The activities related to the civil works and electromechanical assembling of the plant are carefully planned by Kaushik Agritech to minimize the time taken to achieve the final product and to optimize the available resources in terms of equipment and local manpower.

The teams are selected and they operate in strict coordination with Kaushik Agritech Technical Department and are able to create plants that conform perfectly to the planned designed.

The dedicated office manages the service of coordinating the assembly teams both in India and abroad: it organizes and coordinates the supervisors, receives and verifies the weekly reports on the construction site progress, manages the possible Non-Conformities .and monitors the construction site progress according to the schedule agreed with the clients during the contractual phase.

Assembly and Supervision

After sales services

The testing operations are preceded by a careful check of the installation. As an integration of the Use and Maintenance manuals of the machines, the client's personnel is trained how to manage the plant in the best way.

For the after sales, a well-provided spare parts warehouse, the historical archive, the sales network, the customer care service and the quick response team all guarantee the maximum reliability on Kaushik Agritech plants.

A wide and efficient commercial network with representative offices both in India and abroad offer all clients a qualified and prompt assistance.

The client's satisfaction and a quick and efficient response to their requirements represent the continuous commitment.

After sales services

Plant automation

Kaushik Agritechintergrates the controls of individual machines in a given plant with PLC to fully automize plant operations. It also provides facility for monitoring of various parameters of machines through HMI & SCADA.

Mimic type control panel to give run time view of the complete plant.

Plant automation